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Fun Facts for Cool Cats

I like cats. There you go I said it. In fact, I like then so much I actually have one myself. His name is Charlie and he is a funny little black cat that inherited from an ex-girlfriend many moons ago. Charlie is now an amazing 96 years old in cat years, and has changed… View Article

3 Quick Fun Animal Facts

The world is home to such a diverse range of animals. We’ve pulled together a few quick fun facts that you can share with your friends. Some you might know, some you won’t, but there’s one thing for sure; animals make this planet a far more fun place to be for sure!

Is Our Furniture Harming Tigers?

Our desire for cheaply made furniture could be seriously harming the future of not only forests in Russia, but also the rare tigers that live within these wooded enclaves.

WWF Concern for Gabon Elephants

WWF charity officials are becoming increasingly concerned at the number of elephants that have been killed by poachers in Gabon in the last decade.

Help Australian Marine Life with WWF

WWF charity officials are asking for your help to send a message to the Australian government in regards to their proposed Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in and around the countries oceans.

Relief as Zambia Finally Ban Big Game Hunting

Conservation groups across the globe breathed a huge sigh of relief, as the African country of Zambia finally agreed to ban big game hunting for good.

Your Roar Helped WWF Save Sumatran Tigers

Way back in February, we asked to you to sign a petition to support the Sumatran Tigers with WWF, who’s habitat was being destroyed by the APP (Asian Pulp & Paper Company) to make toilet paper that was being sold in the United States. WWF were asking for the ‘Paseo’ paper to be removed from… View Article

Endangered Whales Under Threat from South Korea

South Korea has announced that they plan to kill endangered whales using a loophole in the International Whaling Commission (IWC) treaty, for ‘scientific whaling’. This proposed move has drawn widespread criticism from across the globe, with the hunt seen by many as totally unnecessary and unacceptable.