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WWF Concern as Rare Saola Close to Extinction

WWF charity officials are becoming increasingly concerned as the extremely rare Saola, or ‘Asian Unicorn’, gets pushed closer to extinction due to poaching in Vietnam and Laos. This beautiful creature, which was only discovered 20 years ago, is very similar to the antelope. It has two parallel horns and lives in the remote, mountainous region that splits the two countries.

World Turtle Day – 23-05-12

It’s World Turtle Day on Wednesday 23rd May 2012, offering you the perfect opportunity to adopt one of these beautiful creatures with WWF UK. Over the past 200 years, an astounding six of the world’s seven species are now on the endangered list or vulnerable.

WWF Concern as Tigers Still Vulnerable to Poaching

WWF charity representatives have reported that up to a third of the world’s 63 legally protected tiger sanctuaries areas only just maintain their minimum protection requirements. At the 2010 ‘Tiger Summit’ in Russia, the Tiger Range Governments committed to doubling the number of wild tigers by 2022, but this looks a long way off if the designated refuges are not being run properly.

WWF Concern as Rhino Poaching Case Delayed

WWF charity officials are concerned that a court case against a gang suspected of killing 20 Rhinos in South Africa, has been postponed.

New Leopard Park in Russia

WWF charity officials are pleased to see the opening of a new national park in Russia that has been set up in an effort to save the world’s rarest cat – the Amur leopard. There are believed to be only 30 left in the wild today, with the majority now living within the new Land of the Leopard National Park in Russia.

WWF Camera Catches Snow Leopard in Bhutan

WWF charity officials were over the moon when one of their night vision camera captured a snow leopard going about it’s business in the Wangchuck Centennial Park in Bhutan, India’s largest protected area.

Help WWF Save the Western Grey Whale

Truly amazing scenes last week, as WWF charity officials floated an 11 metre Western Grey whale down the River Thames to highlight the plight of one of the world’s most endangered species. With as little as 130 whales left on the planet, the Western Grey is becoming extremely close to extinction unless something is done immediately.

Sign WWF Pledge to Save Sumatran Tigers

WWF charity officials are asking for your support to stop Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) destroying any more rain forests in Sumatra. The company is currently the fastest growing brand of toilet paper in the America, and have been logging in Sumatra since 1984.