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Help End Tiger Poaching With WWF

WWF UK is asking for your help to stop the dreadful trade in tiger parts that are being used for Asian medicine and ornaments. With only 3,200 wild tigers left in the world, now is the time for action to try and halt their slide into extinction. Can you imagine a world without tigers? Sounds strange doesn’t it, but for our children and our children’s children, it could become reality, and maybe one day they will be spoken about like dinosaurs.

WWF Call for Ban on Private Tiger Ownership

WWF charity officials are calling for the ban on the private ownership of tigers, after 18 unregistered tigers were spotted roaming free in the Ohio countryside! Unfortunately local authorities were forced to use lethal force in the interest of public safety. With there currently being more tigers in captivity in the U.S than there are in the wild, the majority of them in private hands, now is the time for a ban to take place.

Help Protect Winter Animals as Seen in BBC’s Frozen Planet

Did anyone else catch the magical ‘Frozen Planet’ last night on the BBC? What an amazing documentary, it must take literally years to film, and not exactly in the best weather! The opening scene of the polar bear swimming alone was truly enchanting, and in high definition it almost felt like you were there.

Prince Charles Hands Out Conservation Awards in Tanzania

WWF UK President, Prince Charles, has presented five Tanzanian community leaders with the ‘WWF Leaders for a Living Planet’ awards for their hard work in helping the natural world via sustainable development. The Prince of Wales, who has been invited to Tanzania by President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, was pleased to hand out the awards to the five for their amazing work at WWF-Tanzania’s RUMAKI Seascape programme.

WWF Caption Competition October 2011

WWF charity officials are pleased to unveil their latest picture for you to add a caption and win a chance of have your name feature in their monthly newsletter. I’m afraid to say that I didn’t win last months caption competition, but now is your chance to come up with something witty for this picture of a South American smokey bullfrog, the largest tropical frog in the world!

Extinction of Javan Rhinoceros in Vietnam

WWF charity officials are sad to announce that the last Javan rhino in Vietnam has been killed after it was found with a bullet in its leg and horn removed. The death highlights what is seen as that ineffective protection to poachers, and security must be improved to ensure other threatened species will not be murdered, threatening the survival of their species.

WWF Fighting to Save Indonesian Rainforest

America and Indonesia have joined forces with the WWF charity to raise a whopping $28.5 million in funding to help protect a region known as the Heart of Borneo, a forest area in Indonesia that is rich with wildlife. The area itself is an important source for securing carbon, and is also used by the local communities to provide jobs and firewood.

WWF Officials Track Narwhals By Satellite in Canada

WWF charity officials have managed to attach satellite tags to 7 Narwhals in the Canadian territory of Nunavut. The Narwhal, is an impressive whale which features a long white tusk that extends from it’s upper jaw, a bit like the mythical Unicorn!