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Sign WWF Pledge to Save Sumatran Tigers

WWF charity officials are asking for your support to stop Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) destroying any more rain forests in Sumatra. The company is currently the fastest growing brand of toilet paper in the America, and have been logging in Sumatra since 1984.

WWF Spot 18 Rare Dolphins in Borneo

WWF charity officials were over the moon to discover 18 critically endangered Irrawaddy dolphins in Indonesian waters off the island of Borneo. The Irrawaddy dolphin has no beak and a snub dorsal fin, but looks very similar to the common bottlenose breed. The siting has seen the conservation group call for greater protection of the species’ habitat, as at the moment there are no comprehensive surveys available to measure its global population.

WWF Concern at Record Number of Ivory Seizures in 2011

WWF charity officials are becoming increasing concerned over the number of ivory seizures last year, the largest recorded in over two decades. With demand for ivory ever growing in Asia, it appears migrant networks in Africa are poaching to order for tusks that are being turned into ornaments and used in medicine.

Sign Petition to Help WWF Save the Amazon

WWF charity officials are asking for your help after the Brazilian Senate voted to make drastic changes to their forest law that would have a devastating impact on many creatures habitats in the surrounding areas. Certain land owners want changes to the law to allow cattle ranching and other types of agriculture in areas that had previously being cleared by illegal loggers.

Warmguard Pledge £30,000 to Support Adelie Penguins

WWF charity officials are over the moon that a UK based supplier of gas boilers has donated a whopping £30,000 to help support the conservation of Adélie penguins. WarmGuard will also be giving away free Adopt a Penguin packs to the first 250 customers who purchase a new gas boiler and central heating policy online

25% off Polar Bear Adoptions with WWF UK

WWF UK are offering a fantastic festive discount on their month minimum costs when you Adopt a Polar Bear online and also sign up for a Kids Club ‘Go Wild’. Both of these awesome initiatives should cost £3 each, but if you combine the two you will pay just £4.50 for both!

Help End Tiger Poaching With WWF

WWF UK is asking for your help to stop the dreadful trade in tiger parts that are being used for Asian medicine and ornaments. With only 3,200 wild tigers left in the world, now is the time for action to try and halt their slide into extinction. Can you imagine a world without tigers? Sounds strange doesn’t it, but for our children and our children’s children, it could become reality, and maybe one day they will be spoken about like dinosaurs.

WWF Call for Ban on Private Tiger Ownership

WWF charity officials are calling for the ban on the private ownership of tigers, after 18 unregistered tigers were spotted roaming free in the Ohio countryside! Unfortunately local authorities were forced to use lethal force in the interest of public safety. With there currently being more tigers in captivity in the U.S than there are in the wild, the majority of them in private hands, now is the time for a ban to take place.