We bring you the latest from around the World in wildlife and conservation news.

Climate Change Conference

WWF, along with many other climate focused charities, have been calling on the UK Government to keep their climate promises. The COP26 climate conference is a week away so thoughts towards climate issues are prominent, however the desire is for more action to happen now.

Endangered Tortoises Returned To The Wild

A thousand critically endangered radiated tortoises have been released into the wild in Madagascar. The release was part of a project that aims to boost the tortoises numbers as well as support the forest habitat in which they reside.

Wild Elephants in Europe

Some conservationists have proposed bringing back herds of roaming megaherbivores such as elephants to Europe.

Annual Japanese Dolphin Hunt Begins

The controversial Japanese dolphin hunt, linked to the town of Taiji, is currently underway. The hunting season lasts until March.

Panda Numbers Rise – But Success Not Guaranteed

Pandas in the past have been poached for their fur, smuggled as cubs from their habitat for overseas buyers, and have suffered habitat loss. As a result their numbers rapidly declined. By the 1980s there were barely 1000 left in the wild. They became the poster animal for those facing extinction.

Dolphins And Humans Have Similar Personalities

Research has discovered that dolphins develop similar personality traits to humans despite living in very different environments.

Arctic Ice Loss – Polar Bears Fight For Survival

Ice loss in the Arctic is causing polar bears to use up to four times as much energy to survive according to new studies.

World Lion Day

World Lion Day is being celebrated on August 10. The aim is to raise awareness and gather support for lion conservation. Lions are listed as an endangered species in the IUCN Red List.