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Photographer Gets A Shock Whilst Trying To Take A Lion Picture

A British photographer had the “shock of his life” whilst taking pictures of a lion whilst on safari in Kenya. Gren Sowerby managed to avoid being attacked and instead got a smile from the lion. The 69-year-old photographer was in the Maasai Mara last year and leant in to photograph the king of the jungle when it let out an enormous roar

India Prepares Wild Snow Leopard Census

The snow leopard is facing greater pressure as a result of habitat loss and is considered to be the top predator in the Himalayas and is classified as ‘vulnerable species’ by the IUCN Red List of threatened species. India’s snow leopard programme estimates the country serves as home to at least 700 snow leopards in the Himalayan states and it is believed the country has the largest number of wild snow leopards after China and Mongolia. Unfortunately, there are is no exact count available just yet.

Baby Sea Turtle Has 104 Pieces Of Plastic In Stomach

Recently a baby turtle that washed up on the coast of Florida and died soon after had 104 pieces of plastic in its stomach. Experts examined the turtle before it died and found it was both weak and emaciated and was clearly not doing well. Following its death, the experts took a look in the turtle’s stomach and found it to be full of plastic with everything from balloons to bottle labels.

Polar Bear Encounters Increasingly Frequent In Greenland 

A decade ago, coming across a polar bear was in Greenland was a rare occurrence, but things have changed considerably. A fast-growing number of starving polar bears have begun to terrorize communities as they scavenge for food in response to the ice they hunt on melting as a result of rising temperatures. Recently an emaciated polar bear continued attempting to enter a town despite the fact the residents kept on trying to scare it away. 

Genderless Penguin Chick Adopted By Same-Sex Penguin Couple 

An aquarium in London has announced that for the first time a penguin same-sex couple will act as parents for a “genderless” chick. The chick is four months old and given the lack of gender is not being given a name said Sea Life London. The chick sill be raised by a female penguin couple… View Article

Everything You Need To Know About Dolphins 

Everyone has probably seen a dolphin by now, they are easy to recognise thanks to their curved mouths that make them seem as if they are permanently smiling. Dolphins can be found in every ocean and there are 36 species of dolphin. Most species tend to be marine which means they live in oceans or along the brackish waters of the coastlines. There are some species that live in freshwater streams and rivers, like the Asian river dolphin and Amazon river dolphin.  

Sale Of Wild African Elephants To Be Restricted 

Many states have reached an agreement that would limit the sale of wild elephants captured in Zimbabwe and Botswana. The practice is highly controversial and whilst the resolution has delighted conservationists, the African countries involved are not impressed. Wildlife experts say the vote taken in Geneva on trade in endangered species known as CITES is momentous for the species because sale of elephants to zoos has now been restricted. 

Orangutan’s Hold The Key To How Human Speech Evolved 

The latest research conducted by Indianapolis Zoo and the University of St Andrews suggests that great apes have the ability to control their voices in much the same way humans can providing a unique insight into how human language evolved. The researchers studied an 11-year old orangutan named Rocky and a 36-year old named Kobi. They analysed how the species uses its voice to play a musical instrument. In order speak, there is a requirement to be able to have control over vocal fold oscillation.