WWF Launch New ‘My Footprint’ App

Posted on November 3rd 2020

WWF have launched their ‘My Footprint’ App targeting the way we live and the food we eat in an effort to reduce global destruction.

It is becoming increasingly clear that humans need to change the way we do things as we’re pushing climate change to the brink.

How does it work?

The My Footprint App allows users to help save the planet one small step at a time, and keeps you motivated to make changes.

The app offers practical advice for making positive changes in your life that will simultaneously help the planet. It provides challenges to take part in, from cutting down plastic usage to eating more plant based meals.

Working toward building a better world

Within the App you can track your progress toward reducing your environmental footprint. Each person who uses the App will be making a small contribution towards essential change. Collectively each small contribution will add up to make a larger shift in the right direction towards saving our planet and the species that inhabit it.

Download the App today!

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