WWF Concern as Polar Bear Litters Decrease in Size

Posted on June 28th 2011

WWF charity officials are becoming more concerned about the safety of endangered polar bears, as a new study shows that thier litters are decreasing in size. The main reason behind this is due to the decline in sea ice through global warming, putting the polar bear population in serious jeopardy.

WWF’s polar bear expert, Geoff York, said –

Species everywhere are feeling the heat, but none more extreme than polar bears and other Arctic species. Unless we take action to curb climate change and transition to low-carbon energy sources like renewable energy, we will consign our planet to a very perilous path.

Arctic sea ice has been melting at alarming rates and shows no sign of slowing down, meaning big trouble for the animals that call this desolate land their home. Reports from January 2010 showed that Arctic sea ice was at its lowest level since records began in 1979.

Polar bears use their ice habitat to hunt their main prey, but as the sea ice melts faster, they have less chance to build up the necessary body weight for hibernation, a huge problem for pregnant female polar bears. A cubs survival during infancy is linked to the amount of energy stored up before before the hibernation of the female, so a lack of food means a smaller litter.

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