World Ocean Day: 10 Amazing Ocean Facts

Posted on June 4th 2020

Sea Turtle

In celebration and support of World Ocean Day on June 8th we have put together 10 amazing ocean facts. World Ocean Day is an annual event that serves to highlight the importance of Earth’s oceans, inform participants about human impact and unite everyone in the need to protect them.

Amazing Ocean Facts

  1. The World’s oceans and seas hold about 97% of Earth’s water and produce over 70% of the World’s oxygen.
  2. 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by oceans.
  3. The largest ocean is the Pacific, which alone covers 30% of the World’s surface.
  4. The deepest known part of the ocean is 10,898m below sea level. It is called the Challenger Deep and is located beneath the western Pacific Ocean in the southern end of the Mariana Trench.
  5. The World’s longest mountain range is under the ocean, stretching 40,390 miles from the Arctic Ocean to Atlantic Ocean.
  6. More than 80% of the planet’s oceans have not been explored yet.
  7. There are estimated to be 2 million living species in the sea, but only 240,470 accepted species have been discovered so far according to World Register of Marine Species.
  8. The oceans are home to some of the smallest and the largest animals on the planet, ranging from microscopic phytoplankton to the World’s largest animal, the blue whale.
  9. 94% of living species are found in the oceans and seas.
  10. Some sections of coral reefs can contain 1000 species per square metre.

Protecting the World’s Oceans

One of the biggest identified threats to sea life is plastic pollution. Everyone can help by reducing the use of plastic items and recycling rather than throwing plastic away. In addition, we can participate in beach clean ups, picking up any litter found near or in the sea. We can also raise awareness so that everyone is united in the need to reduce plastic usage and help protect Earth’s wonderful oceans and seas.

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