Watch Clash Of The Rhino Titans

Posted on February 12th 2020

Rare Sumatran Rhino Discovered In Borneo

About a year ago, Rocco Talia ho is a tour guide found himself with a front row seat to a brawl between two black rhinos. The fighting giants were not equal in size and were captured on video squaring off near a waterhole in Etosha National Park Namibia. It is exceedingly rare to witness rhinos fight but occasionally the species does tussle over territory and sometimes those tussles escalate to lethal levels.

Slow attack

This particular battle began rather slowly, the larger of the two animals cautiously edged towards his target and eventually launched an all-out attack. Fortunately for the smaller of the two the attack was not as severe as it could have been because the attacker had its horn removed, most likely as a measure to prevent poaching.

Beating a quick retreat

After sustaining what can only be described as a harrowing attack, the smaller rhino had an opportunity to escape and took advantage of it by ducking into the bush which surrounded the waterhole. There is no telling why the bigger of the two felt the need to attack. White rhinos tend to be less aggressive than black rhinos but males in both species to fight one another occasionally and brawls are not uncommon.

Fight over territory

The most likely reason for this clash is territory. Experts say that rhino bulls typically establish their territory near watering holes so they have easy access to the vital resource. Dominant bulls typically tend to be very territorial and extremely serious about protecting their turf. This includes chasing away any females that may be grazing within their domain.

No-man’s land

Typically, rhinos are quite tolerant of one another and confrontations stop before any serious harm is done. In this case, the two rhinos may have met one another in no-man’s land. Alternatively, the smaller rhino may have been trying to establish territory in an area that was already dominated by the bigger bull which would have resulted in an inevitable clash.

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