Tourists Vote Against Trophy Hunting

Over 10,000 people from the around the world have been surveyed for the organisation World Animal Protection. The survey wanted to ask peoples opinion on trophy hunting, specifically in South Africa.

Strong opposition to hunting

The surveyed group was made up of tourists who visited South Africa as well as South African residents. The results highlighted that there was a strong opposition to trophy hunting, and a belief that other methods of raising finances to protect wildlife should be championed, such as responsible wildlife tourism.

Over 80% of tourists that were surveyed believed that the South African government should prioritise wildlife friendly tourism over trophy hunting. In addition, over 70% said that if South Africa was to actively promote trophy hunting they would be put off visiting the country.

The majority of the South African residents that were surveyed believed their country would be more attractive to visitors if they banned trophy hunting, with 74% agreeing that it is unacceptable.

In 2021 South Africa’s Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment announced new measures to stop the commercial captive lion industry. World Animal Protection welcomed that decision, however, little progress has been made.

Wildlife friendly tourism the way forward

Getting behind wildlife friendly tourism, and removing barbaric acts such as trophy hunting and captive lion breeding would greatly enhance South Africa’s international reputation as a country supporting wildlife friendly experiences. It would therefore increase its popularity for being a destination of choice for conscientious travellers.

World Animal Protection are campaigning for action within South Africa. They want trophy hunting to be banned and they want wildlife friendly tourism to be the default instead.

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