Climate Change Conference

Posted on October 23rd 2021

WWF, along with many other climate focused charities, have been calling on the UK Government to keep their climate promises. The COP26 climate conference is a week away so thoughts towards climate issues are prominent, however the desire is for more action to happen now.

MPs from all parties are currently scrutinising the current governments efforts on climate issues. However we all can have our voice heard.

March for Action

In a move to express all of our desire for the government to be accountable for their promises we can collectively march to let leaders know we want climate action now. The marches taking place aim to show world leaders just how many of us are counting on them to deliver on their promises at COP26.

Join people from all over the world on Saturday 6th November 2021 who will be coming together to march.

Find out more on the WWF’s Global Day of Action page.

Benefits of greener living

Research shows that if action is taken now on climate change we can bring numerous improvements to all of our lives by 2030. For individuals, families, business and communities – here are WWF’s 10 benefits of green action:

  • More Wildlife
  • Cleaner Air
  • A boost to jobs
  • Higher wages
  • Protection for our pensions
  • Better physical and mental health
  • A healthy economy
  • Cleaner Seas
  • A fairer future
  • More money in our pockets

Carbon Net Zero Plans

On the 19th October, the UK Government announced that all large companies will be required to develop plans to achieve net zero carbon emissions. This is a great idea as many feel not enough has been done so far to push us towards a net zero society.

Any plans towards achieving net zero is a positive step forward. However, for it to be a reality we need to see more detail and investment to truly deliver on the promises that have been made. Requesting companies to develop plans to achieve net zero is one thing, but we need them to be accountable and made to act on those plans.

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