Check Out These Pandas Chilling Out

Posted on April 21st 2019

Bei Bei The Panda Unveiled To The General Public

If you need proof that the panda is the most chilled out species on earth, then look no further than this video. According to news reports news, an eight-year-old girl in China has the fright of a lifetime after falling into a panda enclosure. Fortunately, she escaped unharmed and the pandas did not seem to mind at all they had a young intruder in their enclosure. Apparently, the wall of the enclosure had gaps that small kids could fit through.

Child never in any danger

The enclosure had high walls making it impossible for adults to fall in unless they climbed over them. When it emerged the girl had somehow fallen into the enclosure, visitors and guards all scrambled to help the girl escape by lowering a bamboo rod for her to hold on to. If you watch the video you will see the child was never in any danger. The pandas seem to have the same reaction as the humans, they simply stopped what they were doing and stared at what was happening.

No interest in harming the girl

Whilst they do get close to the girl, they simply don’t have any interest in harming her or in fact in her presence at all. It is never a joke falling into an animal enclosure which can be very dangerous even if the animals are not predators. Animals do not like it when random humans invade their space. Recently for example, a pack of cheetah’s in a Dutch safari park attacked a family that decided it would be a good idea to exit their car.

Be careful with wild animals

Fortunately, the pandas who reside at Chengdu Research Base in Sichuan province are fairly relaxed and cool about things. Pandas from this centre have visited zoos all over the world and whilst they may seem completely chilled out and very cuddly, it really wouldn’t be a good idea to try and hug one. You should always exercise caution when dealing with wild animals and if you see one at your local zoo, certainly don’t try and enter their enclosure!

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