Baby Gorilla Rescued From Poachers in Rwanda

Posted on August 23rd 2011

mountain gorilla 1

WWF charity officials were part of the team that apprehended poachers who had in their possession an infant mountain gorilla in Rwanda this month. The poachers were made up of a group of Rwandan and Congolese men, were attempting to smuggle the tiny female, less than one-year old, into Rwanda from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The smugglers were captured by a coalition force of WWF, African Wildlife Foundation and Fauna & Flora International officials, and a full investigation has now begun to look into the possibility of a larger network being ensnared.

Efforts have now been put into place to strengthen wildlife protection in Congo’s famous Virunga National Park, as well as the surrounding region. Anti-poaching measures will now be increased, which can only be good news, and hopefully with the support from WWF and their partners, this illegal trade can be stamped out once and for all. Personally I would have handed the poachers over to the bay Gorilla’s parents, see what they made of them!

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