Amazing New Amur Leopard Footage Revealed

Posted on July 22nd 2011

Check out this amazing video footage of these Amur leopards filmed by WWF charity officials in Russia’s Primorsky Province, which is located between the Sea of Japan and the Chinese border. The area is now home to 12 of these beautiful big cats, which is a 50% rise over the past 5 years, fantastic news!

Amur leopards are nocturnal creatures, and with only an estimated 50 left in the world, also one of it’s rarest. WWF have been working hard in the region to stop poaching to halt the illegal trade in animal parts. Plus by increasing the number of species the animal pray on in the area, the Amur leopard has more food to survive on during the cold winter months.

These fantastic pictures just go to show that the work WWF are putting in is really paying off, and it’s thanks to you people’s kind donations and animal adoptions that this good work can continue.

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