WWF Pictures of Rare Rhino in Java

Posted on June 14th 2011

WWF charity officials have managed to capture these amazing images of the Javan Rhino, an animal so rare that there are ZERO in captivity! The beautiful creatures were filmed by WWF motion activated cameras in the rain forests of the South Eastern Asian island, giving new hope that they can be saved from extinction.

Rhino biologist at WWF, Eric Dinerstein, said –

There are no Javan rhinos in captivity — if we lose the population in the wild, we’ve lost them all. The recovery of the white rhino in South Africa is the most successful example of international wildlife conservation for a highly endangered species “With less than 50 left in a single reserve in 1900, there are currently around 20,000 alive in nine countries.

These amazing pictures are great news, let’s hope the authorities at the Ujong National Park in Java do there upmost to protect what is left of this endangered species.

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