WWF Partners With Sky Ocean Rescue

Posted on November 19th 2018

Sea Turtle

WWF is partnering with Sky Ocean Rescue to restore and protect the Earth’s amazing oceans. Few people know this astonishing statistic, but every minute an amount of plastic equivalent to a full rubbish truck is dumped into the ocean. Things have spiralled so out of control that pretty soon the reality could be one in which there is more plastic in the oceans than there are fish. If we don’t start acting quickly then that reality is likely to be realised.

The threat is close to home

Because the marine world is borderless this is not simply a problem confined to far away islands sitting in the Pacific. The UK’s beaches are being spoiled as well, drinking water is being polluted and wildlife is dying. The world’s oceans are responsible for producing the oxygen we breathe as well as feeding millions of people and providing them with livelihoods.  It almost goes without saying that the ocean is home to some amazing species such as dolphins whales and turtles.

Please donate

The planet’s oceans are under increasing strain and are struggling to cope with pollution. Obviously, this problem cannot be solved by a single individual or business and everyone needs to work together in order to deal with the threat. For that reason, WWF has partnered with Sky Ocean Rescue in a bid to halt the flow of pollution by making sure Marine Protected Areas remain protected. These special areas will hopefully allow marine life to recover and even thrive. The ocean area under protection measures 400,000km2 which is larger than the UK and Ireland combined. You can help make a difference by donating to the cause today.

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