Oil Exploration in African National Park a Concern to WWF

Posted on January 12th 2011

WWF charity officials are calling for the UK listed companies SOCO and Dominion to halt their planned oil exploration in the Virunga National Park in Congo. If they become successful in their plans, it could undermine many years of work to save the park’s amazing natural habitat. The park, which is home to elephants, hippos and many other rare species, will be put severely at risk, not to mention the livelihoods of the local population who benefit from tourism.

Virunga is Africa’s oldest national park and is home to almost a quarter of the Earth’s last remaining mountain Gorillas. Also, almost 30,000 fishermen work within the parks sustainable Lake Edward, providing much needed income to the locals. After so many years of conservation, WWF officials are calling on the Congolese government to continue the ban on oil exploration in the park and halt an harmful plans that will no doubt effect not just the animals that reside their, but also the whole local community.

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