Help WWF Protect The Planet By Joining Team Panda In 2019

Posted on January 11th 2019

Bei Bei The Panda Unveiled To The General Public

So by now you will have gotten over your new year’s hangover and dusted off all those mince pies and ready for 2019 to get started. You can make this year meaningful by doing something wonderful for the world by joining WWF’s Team Panda and participating at some of the best challenge events. By joining Team Panda, you will be given awesome support at each stage of your journey as well as some very useful tips to help you train and raise money. Not only will you have a wonderful time with your fellow pandas, you will be helping keep our beautiful planet protected.

Run for our planet

Get those running shoes out of the cupboard and join WWF at one of its Team Panda running events. There are plenty of well-known events that take place throughout the UK, including the Brighton Marathon which is very popular. If running a whole marathon seems like a bit too much for you, why not try running a half marathon instead? There are plenty too choose from. You can don the panda ears either at Great North Run, alternatively show off your tiger stripes at the Royal Parks Half.

Bike for our planet

If the bicycle is your preferred type of exercise you can choose to do it for the world. WWF has places saved for Panda Team at the Prudential Ride London – Surrey 100, which is really the experience of a lifetime. You could also take part in BM Ride which takes place in tandem during the Brighton Marathon weekend and is a brand-new event which sounds like it will be a corker.

Walk for our planet

Put on your boots, wear your jacket and start being active by participating in WWF’s great range of walking events. There are plenty of challenges across the country to choose from and all of them offer some spectacular views of the UK’s more idyllic landscapes.

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Help protect endangered species

You can adopt animal from just £3.00 a month. You will receive a fantastic gift pack and know you are helping to give wildlife a chance.