Help Save the Sumatran Tiger with WWF

Posted on July 5th 2011

WWF charity officials are asking you to sign their petition to urge the government of Indonesia to stop the destruction of tiger habitat in Sumatra. The damage, caused by the logging of  the forest landscape in the Jambi and Riau provinces, is one of the most important habitats of the endangered Sumatran tiger.

Hidden cameras planted by the WWF have picked up sightings of up to 12 tigers in this are in the last two months alone. This area is now on the brink of being cleared by pulp and paper companies and illegal palm oil growers.

Simply click on the link below to sign the petition to Indonesian government officials to help stop the activities in this region that are threatening the habitats of these magnificent creatures. Many other endangered species also depend on the landscape there, not to mention the forest-dwelling indigenous people who have been living there for centuries.

Make your voice heard and help make a stand today, before it’s too late…

> > Click here to sign WWF petition today

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