Amazing Footage Of Battle Between Crocodile And Leopard

Posted on January 24th 2020

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The owner and safari guide at Matimba Lodge on the edge of Kruger Park Alberto Scattolin uses much of free time to drive solo on excursions into the reserve. Not surprisingly Mr Scattolin has had his fair share of special sightings. On this particular occasion his drive once again lived up to expectations. Mr Scattolin set out visit an area that is well known for its leopard population. He hoped he would be able to see one of the big cats. Instead he found a crocodile feeding and being the only person around, decided he would watch for a while.

Robbing a crocodile

Sometime later a leopard entered the scene and approached the water where the crocodile happened to be feeding. The safari guide continued to watch as the leopard sought to rob the crocodile of its meal. The croc rather unsurprisingly did not seem to enamored with the idea and attacked the leopard a number of times and on a few occasions almost bit the opportunistic leopard. It is very rare to see a crocodile and leopard interact in the wild.

Both species hunt one another occasionally

Both apex predators have been known to run in to one another sometimes and have even tried hunting one another. A crocodile basking in the sun on the banks of a river would certainly make an attractive target for a hungry leopard. Alternatively, any animal that risks drinking from crocodile infested waters could be attacked. In Africa and Asia leopards are unlikely to hunt crocodiles as often as jaguars do, from whom caimans are a big part of their diet.

Had to leave the scene

Nile crocodiles will sometimes attack and kill leopards and the big cats have shown up in the stomachs of mugger crocodiles in India. Mr Scattolin decided to leave the showdown between crocodile and leopard before it concluded because he did not want to violate the closing time of Kruger Park where driving is prohibited as is the case with most national parks and game reserves in South Africa. Despite not being able to watch the fight between the two apex predators, Mr Scattolin described the fight as the most amazing interaction he has ever seen.

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