30 Days Wild

Posted on May 29th 2022

30 Days Wild is an event taking place during June that encourages people to get outdoors. The idea is to put people in touch with nature.

The event is run by the Wildlife Trusts which are a group of 46 charities around the UK. Started in 2015, 30 Days Wild has seen over 2 million people take part since its beginning.

Variety of outdoor activities

All outdoor activities are encouraged. Some of the most popular are wildlife watching, sea swimming, listening to birdsong, and eating a meal outside. Last year a record 760,000 people took part. This year, the Trusts are encouraging an even more varied list of activities, with suggestions such as nature-based art and crafts and ideas for helping planet Earth as a whole featuring on the list.

Good for health and environment

The Wildlife Trusts have a shared aim to protect nature and help people access and experience the benefits of wildlife. It is well known that spending time in nature is good for our health and wellbeing, but certain activities can also be great for the environment too. Putting up bird or bat boxes, planting trees and wildflowers, or litter picking are three such activities that benefit more than those partaking.

Big Wild Weekend

One feature of 30 Days Wild is the middle weekend, called the Big Wild Weekend (18-19 June) when participants are encouraged to camp out in their garden or living room, learn more about night-time nature and join an online quiz.

Each Wildlife Trust is offering the chance to sign up to the event, and once signed up each participant is given an activity pack with suggestions of how to ‘go wild’.

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