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Polar Bear Cubs Under Risk From Sea Loss

WWF charity officials have co-written a new paper which claims that polar bear cubs are more at risk now than ever due to sea ice loss from climate change. The bears are now having to swim much longer distances to find stable ice and food, which is causing a greater risk to cubs.

Amazing New Amur Leopard Footage Revealed

Check out this amazing video footage of these Amur leopards filmed by WWF charity officials in Russia’s Primorsky Province, which is located between the Sea of Japan and the Chinese border. The area is now home to 12 of these beautiful big cats, which is a 50% rise over the past 5 years, fantastic news!

Help Save the Sumatran Tiger with WWF

WWF charity officials are asking you to sign their petition to urge the government of Indonesia to stop the destruction of tiger habitat in Sumatra. The damage, caused by the logging of forest landscape in the Jambi and Riau provinces, is one of the most important habitats of the endangered Sumatran tiger. Hidden cameras planted by the WWF have picked up sightings of up to 12 tigers in this are in the last two months alone. This area is now on the brink of being cleared by pulp and paper companies and illegal palm oil growers.

WWF Concern as Polar Bear Litters Decrease in Size

WWF charity officials are becoming more concerned about the safety of endangered polar bears, as a new study shows that polar bear litters are decreasing in size. The main reason behind this is due to the decline in sea ice through global warming, putting the polar bear population in serious jeopardy.

WWF Pictures of Rare Rhino in Java

WWF charity officials have managed to capture these amazing images of the Javan Rhino, an animal so rare that there are ZERO in captivity! The beautiful creatures were filmed by WWF motion activated cameras in the rain forests of the South Eastern Asian island, giving new hope that they can be saved from extinction.

Tagged Bengal Tiger Killed in Nepal National Park

WWF charity officials have regretfully confirmed the death of Namo Buddha – Nepal’s first GPS tagged tiger. An enquiry is now being undertaken by the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation (DNPWC), who believe that poison laced cow flesh was to blame, poisoned by poachers. Close to the last known whereabouts of Namo lay the charred remains of GPS system used to track the tigers movements, alongside the dismembered cow carcass.

Amazing WWF Images of Tigress and Cubs in Indonesia

These amazing images below show a Sumatran Tigress and her cubs playing together in the Bukit Tigapuluh forest on Indonesia, an area that is due to be cleared by loggers. The pictures, caught by a WWF concealed camera, show that this area must not be harmed whilst one of the world’s most endangered animals is still using it as habitat.

WWF Concern at Madagascan Creatures Under Threat

WWF officials are voicing their concerns as the political deadlock in Madagascar may threaten the unique animals found on the island. More than 600 new species have been discovered there since 1999, but many of these animals are now under threat, mostly due to the deforestation of their habitat. In 2009, a 34 year old disc jockey seized power with the army’s backing.