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Oil Exploration in African National Park a Concern to WWF

WWF charity officials are calling for the UK listed companies SOCO and Dominion to halt their planned oil exploration in the Virunga National Park in Congo. If they become successful in their plans, it could undermine many years of work to save the park’s amazing natural habitat. The park, which is home to elephants, hippos and many other rare species, will be put severely at risk, not to mention the livelihoods of the local population who benefit from tourism.

Win £5000 at WWF Christmas Raffle and Help Protect Tigers

WWF UK are having a Christmas raffle this year to help protect the tiger who’s worldwide numbers have dropped to as little as 3,200 globally. The plight is even more significant as this is the Chinese ‘Year of the Tiger’, will WWF hoping to double that number by 2022.

WWF Concern at Black Market Tiger Trade

WWF charity officials are concerned that the shared border between Myanmar, Thailand and China are fast becoming the home for the illicit trade in tiger parts and other endangered species. A report conducted by WWF and TRAFFIC in the lead up to next week’s International Tiger Forum in St Petersburg, Russia, showed that live big cats were available for sale on the black market. Amongst the animals available were endangered tigers and even a rare Asiatic lion, along with hundreds of tiger and leopard parts.

Help WWF Protect the Last Remaining Tigers on the Planet

WWF UK are looking for your help to halt the tigers slide into extinction. With only an estimated 3,200 left in the wild on the planet, now is the time to stand up and be counted in the protection of one of the world’s most beautiful creatures. Already extinct are the Caspian, Bali and Javan tigers, with the South China tiger possibly following suit.