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Goat That Befriended Tiger Passes Away

Timur the Russian goat that achieved global fame thanks to his unusual friendship with a tiger has died according to the director of the safari park where the two resided. Dmitry Mezenstev said Timur’s heart stopped working. The goat which is believed to be approximately five years old was cremated and buried with full honours his keeper said in a statement.

Gorillas In The Mist

Diane Fossey the subject of the film “Gorillas in the Mist” who passed away in 1985 would probably be surprised there are any mountain gorillas left in the wild. Before she died, she grew increasingly alarmed by rising rates of poaching and deforestation in their habitat in Central Africa. Ms Fossey predicted before her death that by the turn of the millennium the species would disappear. Instead there has been intense conservation which has provided the species of great ape with whom humans share 98 per cent of DNA a second chance.

Watch Clash Of The Rhino Titans

About a year ago, Rocco Talia ho is a tour guide found himself with a front row seat to a brawl between two black rhinos. The fighting giants were not equal in size and were captured on video squaring off near a waterhole in Etosha National Park Namibia. It is exceedingly rare to witness rhinos fight but occasionally the species does tussle over territory and sometimes those tussles escalate to lethal levels.

Six Facts About Jaguars

The range that jaguars roam through is enormous. They can be found as far South as Argentina and as far North as Mexico. In fact, recently some wandering males were spotted in Arizona. Despite the fact their territory is so expansive, their DNA suggests this big cat is remarkably homogenous throughout the entire range. This fact has only recently come to light over the last few decades. If you are wondering what makes jaguars special, here are 6 facts about jaguars.

Mystery Panda Death Solved

Last year, a celebrity panda died inexplicably whilst out on loan to Chiang Mai Zoo in Thailand. Millions of people took to social media in China demanding to know the reason why Chuang Chuang died. The cause of death as it turns out was heart failure according to an autopsy performed with assistance from China. The 19-year old panda had been on loan to the zoo since 2003 alongside his mate Lin Hui. The two pandas were celebrities in Thailand with the media’s laser like focus on their love life including a wedding ceremony which took place in 2005.

Amazing Footage Of Battle Between Crocodile And Leopard

The owner and safari guide at Matimba Lodge on the edge of Kruger Park Alberto Scattolin uses much of free time to drive solo on excursions into the reserve. Not surprisingly Mr Scattolin has had his fair share of special sightings. On this particular occasion his drive once again lived up to expectations. Mr Scattolin set out visit an area that is well known for its leopard population. He hoped he would be able to see one of the big cats. Instead he found a crocodile feeding and being the only person around, decided he would watch for a while.

Photographer Gets A Shock Whilst Trying To Take A Lion Picture

A British photographer had the “shock of his life” whilst taking pictures of a lion whilst on safari in Kenya. Gren Sowerby managed to avoid being attacked and instead got a smile from the lion. The 69-year-old photographer was in the Maasai Mara last year and leant in to photograph the king of the jungle when it let out an enormous roar

India Prepares Wild Snow Leopard Census

The snow leopard is facing greater pressure as a result of habitat loss and is considered to be the top predator in the Himalayas and is classified as ‘vulnerable species’ by the IUCN Red List of threatened species. India’s snow leopard programme estimates the country serves as home to at least 700 snow leopards in the Himalayan states and it is believed the country has the largest number of wild snow leopards after China and Mongolia. Unfortunately, there are is no exact count available just yet.